Closet Cabinetry

Our closets have been designed to minimize the amount of cabinetry needed while maximizing storage space. They are built to fit popular closet accessories while keeping a modern, sleek, and uniform appearance.

The idea when using our closet line is not to fill the whole room with cabinetry, but to give the illusion that you did. This can be achieved by selecting a few cabinets and filling the space in-between them with closet accessories such as: closet rods, shelves, shoe shelves & pull out wire baskets.

The height of our closet line cabinetry has also been designed to accommodate standard closet rod height for double hanging and for long hanging.

“ I recently had built-in cabinets installed in my home office, made by Glenwood Kitchen. "

“The quality of work is outstanding, very happy with the decision to use Glenwood.”

Evan Hambrook

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